China's first advanced AI interactive robot shows up in Shanghai

2017-01-11 08:12:21

China's first advanced interactive robot with life-like facial features Jia Jia has shown up at a meeting in Shanghai. Chen Xiaoping, Jia Jia project's director and director of the Center for Robotics, University of Science and Technology of China, said that Jia Jia was not mature enough to be a "product", but her technology would be used in a product which was predicted to be released in two or three years. Jia Jia was released on April 15, 2016 in Anhui province.[Photo:]

Jia Jia is dressed in traditional Han Chinese Clothing. One of Jia Jia's impressive features is that she is programmed to track people's facial expressions to know their moods. [Photo:]

Jia Jia has delicate facial skin. She talked with her investors at the site in Shanghai and showed some subtle facial expressions of her own, programmed to look as real as possible. Chen said that Jia Jia had her own logic and AI system, so how she behaves when talking to people is not able to be controlled. [Photo:]

Jia Jia seems to be programmed with a sense of humour, as she answered that she is very young when people asked about her age. She said she is a "single noble" when she was questioned whether she had a boyfriend or not. [Photo:]

Chen said that he believes that in the future, robots will be commonly used. He believes the first step will be applying robots in public service industries like banks and shopping malls. Gradually, robots can also be applied in homes, hospitals and aged-care centres.



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