Puerbank Group signs deal with UK to create a UK blockchain supernode

2017-01-11 10:50:17

The deal to start construction work of standard digital currency global node in the UK was formally signed in Westminster Central Hall, Jan 9. China’s Puerbank Group, brought the concept and technology of using a standard digital currency to the meeting, and have carried out the asset replacement worth 5 billion Chinese yuan with the preferred cooperative enterprises in the UK, covering all sectors, according to yesterday’s (January 9) formal message. The Chinese Embassy in the UK, the UK Research and Development Center for Chinese Traditional Culture, Thames Group, Singapore Shipping Group, Media Group, the Central University of St. Martins, and other important institutions were represented at the meeting.

It was reported that Puerbank Group has established a complete set of operating logic for standard digital currency in China, taking the lead in building supernodes within the country, and have been promoting such concepts and technology gradually to the world. The business of its tokens (the circulated digital assets in blockchain) has gained support and participation of many enterprises in China since its launch, laying a solid foundation for the global financial flows of the blockchain. During this trip to the UK, the purpose was mainly to build the UK's digital asset model and technology, exchange assets among nodes to achieve global digital asset circulation in the future.

When talking about the development of digital assets, Mr. John Zhang, chief representative of Puerbank Overseas Group said: '' Blockchain technology was one of the hottest topics of 2016. The idea of using a private digital currency based on blockchain technology is growing fast, where at the same time, the competition between digital currencies is also very strong. The Bank of England has even officially released the idea of trying to operate with virtual currency, so that existing digital currency issuers may build a set of effective operating systems, in particular, the establishment of asset security and credibility. Puerbank Group believes that using a "standard currency" is the most effective idea and program for private digital currency to enhance market competitiveness.

Puerbank Group used tea that has collection value as its standard assets in China, developing and issuing the standard digital currency, Puerbank, and has expanded rapidly to RMB 100 billion through the expansion of opening assets’ sources. The Group has taken the lead in completing the assets swap volume and technology demands. This model quickly mobilizes the market resources from its effect forms of high-speed, high-frequency commodity circulation, greatly boosting the economy. Such a model can be localized and forms nodes in any region of the world. The block chain financial ecosystem, based on the operating nodes of localized "domestic currency", will ultimately make the exchange settlement represented by the "domestic currency" and "token money" of Puerbank, thus forming assets cross-border conversion and circulation.

On top of completing a United Kingdom node, West Silicon Valley in the United States, has also set up a node. The global strategy extends infinitely from the two points and one line. Not long from now digital assets will freely and quickly be converted into the operating structure of standard digital currency. We are soon to see this day happen.



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